PolyDistribution - Rollers for wide format printer (Roland P-Roller) *MIDDLE* - Roland - 21565103 - Unit Price

PolyDistribution - Rollers for wide format printer (Roland P-Roller) *MIDDLE* - Roland - 21565103 - Unit Price
PolyDistribution - Rollers for wide format printer (Roland P-Roller) *MIDDLE* - Roland - 21565103 - Unit Price
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    Printer compatibility
    Roland AJ-1000
    Roland AJ-1000i
    Roland AJ-740
    Roland AJ-740i
    Roland AJ-740vkit
    Roland BN-20
    Roland CJ-40
    Roland CJ-400
    Roland CJ-50
    Roland CJ-500
    Roland CJ-540
    Roland CJ-60
    Roland CJ-70
    Roland CM-12
    Roland CM-24
    Roland CM-300
    Roland CM-400
    Roland CM-500
    Roland CX-12
    Roland CX-24
    Roland CX-300
    Roland CX-400
    Roland CX-500
    Roland FH-740
    Roland FJ-40
    Roland FJ-400
    Roland FJ-42
    Roland FJ-50
    Roland FJ-500
    Roland FJ-540
    Roland FJ-600
    Roland FJ-640
    Roland FLJ-300
    Roland FP-740
    Roland FP-740k
    Roland GS-24
    Roland GX-24
    Roland GX-300
    Roland GX-400
    Roland GX-500
    Roland GX-640
    Roland LEC-300
    Roland LEC-300a
    Roland LEC-330
    Roland LEC-540
    Roland PC-60
    Roland PNC-1000
    Roland PNC-1000a
    Roland PNC-1050
    Roland PNC-1100
    Roland PNC-1200
    Roland PNC-1210
    Roland PNC-1410
    Roland PNC-1410k
    Roland PNC-1510
    Roland PNC-1510hs
    Roland PNC-1610
    Roland PNC-1610S
    Roland PNC-1800
    Roland PNC-1850
    Roland PNC-1860
    Roland PNC-1900
    Roland PNC-1910
    Roland PNC-2100
    Roland PNC-2100a
    Roland PNC-2200
    Roland PNC-2200a
    Roland PNC-2300
    Roland PNC-2300a
    Roland PNC-3101
    Roland PNC-3200
    Roland PNC-5000
    Roland PNC-900
    Roland PNC-910
    Roland PNC-960
    Roland PNC960-OR8
    Roland RA-640
    Roland RE-640
    Roland RF-640
    Roland RF-640a
    Roland RS-540
    Roland RS-640
    Roland SC-500
    Roland SC-540
    Roland SC-545ex
    Roland SJ-1000
    Roland SJ-1045ex
    Roland SJ-500
    Roland SJ-540
    Roland SJ-600
    Roland SJ-640
    Roland SJ-645ex
    Roland SJ-700
    Roland SJ-740
    Roland SJ-745ex
    Roland SP-300
    Roland SP-300i
    Roland SP-300v
    Roland SP-540i
    Roland SP-540v
    Roland SP-540vvkit
    Roland VP-300
    Roland VP-300i
    Roland VP-540
    Roland VP-540i
    Roland VP-540vkit
    Roland VS-300
    Roland VS-300i
    Roland VS-420
    Roland VS-540
    Roland VS-540i
    Roland VS-640
    Roland VS-640i
    Roland XC-540
    Roland XC-540mt
    Roland XJ-540
    Roland XJ-640
    Roland XJ-740
    Roland XR-640

    This generic P-Roller is suitable for all Roland printers & cutting plotters.

    This pinch roller is suitable for the middle of the machine.

    The pinch roller for the left and right of the machine is a different part 21565102.

    This is a high quality generic roller that corresponds to Roland part number 21565103.

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